Services we can offer to your company

Has become a key contracting model for larger sized companies given the flexibility and agility it provides for re-configuration of work and project teams. During its 17 of experience, INVOIN Consulting has acquired a solid experience of meeting clients´ needs and expectations. This has allowed us to provide our clients with the best professional profiles for their projects using the outsourcing model, be it technicians, analysts, consultants, architects and developers or other profiles.

Service sectors in which we are present



    The telecommunication projects of our clients have always been innovative and leading edge which is why they have become an important part of the Group´s core business. We have found the most qualified and suited professionals for the development, deployment and implementation of telecommunication projects, including security standard assurance, as demanded by large operators in this sector. INVOIN employees are involved in infrastructure projects utilizing technologies such as:

    Wi-Fi and Internet

    Radio communications


    Broadband Services




    Banking /Insurance

    The banking sector has grown to become an important share of the Group´s Consulting services. Likewise, we are also offering a range of technical assistance professionals to insurance companies. To both of these sectors we offer services related to such their operational management such as i.e.:

    Development and management systems in large banking environments
    Virtualization in Datacenter
    Projects related to Communication Networks
    Database Managed Services
    Assistance in financial management projects
    BI solutions

  • Services (public and private sector)

    The service sector dominates a wide spectrum of the public or private marketplace. The INVOIN Group objective is to carry out transversal consulting, thereby responding effectively to a variety of service needs.

    We have been engaged in projects driven by the public administration and tourism sector as well as project activities in purely financial or communication service sectors amongst many others. The resulting solutions have helped us to improve and expand our service offer portfolio:

    Network and System Projects

    Storage and Virtualization Projects
    Database Management Projects
    Software Development Projects
    Computer Technology Management Projects
    Mobility projects
    BI projects

  • Industry

    The services provided by INVOIN has helped our clients to improve the sale of their products and solutions. All thanks to our technology consulting service as well as elaborating creative and innovative market solutions. Some of our greatest success stories have been achieved thanks to work in the area of: 

    Business intelligence 

    Custom software development 

    Mobility projects for all kinds of environments and devices 

    Systems Administration Management 

    Managed Database Services

    Methodologies implementation

  • Telecommunication Networks and Security

    INVOIN CONSULTING stands out given its history in the world of telecommunication network and security. Our engineers have the best know-how to give optimum viability to telecommunication network projects. Our staff has passed Technical Certification tests by main manufacturers (Cisco, HP, Juniper, Nortel, Enterasys, etc.), and are therefore able to manage all aspects of telecommunication, regardless of the technological field that demands them. The most normal technology profiles amongst the INVOIN staff are:





  • Operating Systems

    Our CONSULTING professionals participate in complex IT environments and projects dealing with i.e.: virtualization, high availability, clusters, application servers, storage, etc. Their experience and certifications in the Unix, Linux, Microsoft and iOS operating systems are guarantees of their skills and provide an un-questionable added value to any need. Amongst our engineers and technicians, we can highlight professional experts-areas such as:

    Engineers and Technicians for Storage Virtualization 

    Database OR Database Management System (DBMS)

    Database and Application Server Administrators 

    UNIX Administrators

  • Software Development

    At INVOIN we comprehend the significant impact software development may have. For this reason, we have experts in in different programming languages, such as Java, .Net, C ++, Cobol, etc.

    Our professionals collaborate with clients in software development projects and tasks including, but not limited to, web design, solution architecture and functional analysis. The technical profiles most sought after by our clients are experts such as: 

    Software Solution Architects

    Functional analysts

    Software Developer analysts

    Software Programmers


  • Consulting Proyects Types

    Our employees develop their professional work experience by engaging in projects such as: 

    Network and Systems design: 

    -Consulting, integration and security in Unix, Linux, Microsoft or iOS environments. 

    -Voice and Data networks in Cisco, Juniper, HP, Enterasys technologies, etc.

    Software development: 

    -Development on Oracle, Java and .Net platforms using various proven software development methodologies.

    Business development: 

    Consulting, planning, strategic analysis and management of the entire life cycle of a technology processes using different methodologies such as ITIL, PMP, etc.

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