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Pullservi, a company founded in 1988, has over time developed a professional a Recruitment service suitable for all types of IT companies in the most diverse industrial sectors and countries.

The Headhunting service we offer our clients cover all technical and functional categories, and professional profiles, normally demanded by companies.

Pullservi has evolved its usage of new methodologies and techniques, allowing us to provide you with better services and solutions.

Sectors where we are present

  • We have a great professional team who´s dedicated to achieving excellent results.

    Recruitment process guidelines:

    Job description analysis




    Candidate presentation.

    We enjoy a solid network of company contacts and collaborators that feed us with new references to keep our HR talent database, which currently contain more than 45,000 CVs, up to date.

  • Agreements with various professional training centers allow us to offer an extensive range of courses.

    Most courses are customized or organized on a regular basis, depending on the needs at a given time.

  • Snap is a Case tool, for development on IBM iSeries/i5 (OS/400), with a comprehensive working environment.

    Snap is designed and written in Spanish, in a native OS400 or Client /Server environment.

    The native environment is: 5250 mode user interface RPG source code.

    The Client /Server environment. Windows mode user interface / VisualBasic source code.

    You don't need complex installations, long training periods, going without your existing applications, or duplicating current data.

    If you want to color the spool of the iSeries, this is your product, SPOOLCONVERTER, Logos, Graphics, Colors, texts, all from the iSeries and without modifying a single font.

    SERES e-FACTURA is a family of B2B services offered under the ASP (Application Services Provider) modality as a solution for the distribution, management and “guard & custody” of Electronic Invoices through the Internet network.

    Key characteristics of SERES e-FACTURA: quick implementation and start-up, simplicity of use, cost control, improved management and business relationship control, legal and fiscal validity of electronic documents and, adaptability to heterogeneous operating environments.

  • The most sought-after talents profiles are normally mid-management professionals in areas such as i.e.:

    Computer and IT Profiles:


    Project managers


    Program Analysts

    Programmers ...

    Marketing and sales:

    Sales Manager

    Sales Representative

    Channel Managers

    Marketing Managers...


    Area Directors

    Business Development

    Project Directors

    Personal Assistants (P.A.)...

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