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Mª Ángeles

Mª Ángeles García

Director  Finance and Administration 

20 years of experience. Friendly to deal with. Demonstrated efficient and excellent treatment both with clients as well as colleagues.


Virginia Murialdo

Director Operations and Delivery

10 years of experience. Excellent communication and management skills. She acts as a liaison between clients and technicians and is decisive and efficient.

Miguel Ángel

Miguel Ángel del Cojo

Director Development and Key Account Manager

Over 19 years of Commercial experience. Persistent and dedicated to good customer service. He is organized, efficient, discreet and decisive.


Elena Díaz

Director Product Management

Elena is a professional with 18 years of experience. She is efficient, persistent and dedicated to clients.

Alberto Murialdo

Alberto Murialdo


Industrial Ingineer


Founding Partner


Lorena Inglada

Director Human Resources

12 years of experience as an HR Manager. She is highly organized and approachable and has a great understanding of talent management.

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Committed to excellent client service and professional and qualified talent management.

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