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INVOIN Engineering can support our clients with expert engineers in any phase of a project. Our Outsourcing service model allows for the direct participation of our engineers in the working team of the client, thereby providing additional flexibility and dynamism to the projects, including the ability to national mobilization of staff if needed.


We are present in the following sectors

  • Aeronautical, Space and Defense (ASD)

    INVOIN Engineering has an extensive experience in the ASD industry, supporting our Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients, manufacturing companies as well as large consultants operating in Spain, with their respective commitment for delivery, quality and objective achievements. Our highly knowledgeable teams have expertise in:

    Electrical and Mechanical design. 

    Tooling Design. 

    SW and HW Development. 

    Quality Engineering. 

    Manufacturing Engineering.

    Technical Documentation. 

    Supply Chain Management. 

    PMO (Project Management Office)

  • Design and Calculation 


    Cards (Eplan, Seexpert, Orcad, Pspice ...) 

    Low/Medium/High Power Electronics 

    Voltage (Autocad, IGBT, MOSFET ...) 

    Cards and electrical panels design




    Industrial equipment and tools. 

    Product and components (Catia V5 / Pro- E / Unigraphics / Nastran / Patran / Ansys / Abaqus) 

    Structures (Autocad, SAP) 

    Materials (Composites, Metals, Concrete) 

    Aerodynamics (CFD, Fluent…) PipingP & ID / Lay-Outs / PDS / PDMS / Foran / SmartPlan / Microstation Stress / Support

  • Functional Engineering



    FMEA 8Dtechniques




    LeanManufacturing Strategy


      MTM /TPM Analysis


    Warehouse planning, management

    Safety / RAMS Techniques

  • Industrial Engineering

    Remote control and Automation

    Programming (PLC/Step7, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Phoenix, Ingeteam ...)

    SCADA (Intouch, Ifix, WinCC ...)

    Industrial network configuration

    Design, development and implementation of simulators

    Instrumentation setup and calibration

    Programming (Labview, Matlab, Simulink ...)

    HMI (C ++, Java, Visual C ++, PcWorks, etc.)

    Sensors and measurement instrumentation

    Industrial Computing & Systems

    Embedded Systems / Real Time (QNX, VXWORKS, ADA, C, Javacard, assembler)

    Applications (C ++, C #, Java ...)

    Design (UML, O.O.)

  • Automotive

    INVOIN Engineering offers technical assistance services to the Automotive sector in the different phases and areas of Conceptualization, Design and Production. Our market positioning is based on the Sectors´ main Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Until now our company has provided qualified engineers to consultancy firms.

    Today, INVOIN Engineering has grown within the value chain and has positioned ourselves at the first level, given a clear and ambitious growth oriented strategy providing work packages in the area of:

    Project Definition and Design

    Monitoring of Production and Supply Chain management

    Optimization of Production lines

    Time analysis

    Engine calibration

    Quality assurance

  •  Energy

       The INVOIN Engineering teams work to provide Technical Assistance and/or they form part of Work Package modalities for projects for Gas and Gas Pipelines, Refining and Petrochemical plants as well as Nuclear, Wind and Solar plants. We can assist with different areas such as Preliminary studies, Basic or Detailed Engineering design, PMO or a work Supervisor.

      Component Design.

      Aerostructures (blades)

      Composites, Design and Manufacturing Monitoring.

      Demand forecast

      Scada Monitoring Systems.

      Electronic and Mechanical Systems.

      Transversal Solutions:

      Remote control and automation.



      Safety / RAMS.

  • Railway

    INVOIN Engineering have active participation in project involving the design of rolling stock, tools and equipment as well as the development, integration and commissioning of both the signalling and railway safety systems:

    Structural Design

    Interior Design

    Tools and Equipment Design

    Electrical and Mechanical Design

    Technical Documentation 

    Processes, Improvement and Time Measurement  

    ERTMS / RAMS systems 

    SW On Board

  •  Field Engineering


    Project commissioning 

    Cabinet Wiring

    Electrical Systems

    SCADA Control / Remote control

    Commissioning Configuration  

    Integration / Deployment 

    Deployment of Electrical, Optical and Telecommunications Networks.

    Installation & Maintenance.

    Testing and Trials

  • Software Quality Assurance

    INVOIN develops tailored Software Certification services, combining software testing and quality assurance methodologies.

    It is a known fact that a project may have a deviation in time and cost of more than 50% due to the lack of poor planning of the testing phase. Even if the testing process is planned it have used criteria that does not adjust to either the project or the company needs. A typical consequence of such bad practice may be:

    Lack of visibility regarding the project completion. 

    Loss of budget control and needing to deal with add-hoc cost deviations.

    The need to expand resources in the implementation phases of projects that can also entail technical problems that are impossible to quantify.

    Maintenance plans can be outdated both economically and functionally before they are implemented.

    As part of the organizational strategy, INVOIN presents Testing to its clients within an SQA (software quality assurance) context.


    We propose the solution based on the Requirements Design Phase, given it´s one of the key phase that describes all activities allowing us to improve the understanding, analysis, validation, specification and management of the needs, functionalities and restrictions that a system must meet in order to guarantee the success of a project and ensure end-user and client satisfaction.


    Our software testing service offer covers the inclusion of a proposed organizational structure, processes, procedures as well as the necessary resources for a proper quality planning, quality assurance and quality improvements related to the overall process.

    Our consultants are ISTQB Certification qualified as different levels, thereby applying the highest testing standards, methodology and know-how to our projects and services.

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